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Unheard Screams: India’s dark secret of queer intimate partner violence

Survivors lack support system, legal help, and often hide trauma to retain personal/community 'respect'
18 March 2024

Listening to queer voices: How inclusive are our newsrooms?

The representation of LGBTQIA+ voices within media platforms is still marginal, which needs to be…
10 March 2024

Delhi’s promise of free transport: Not a joy ride for trans persons

The government’s offer to make public bus transportation free for transgender community sounds meaningless for…
4 March 2024

Queer collectives struggle to find space of pride in higher education scene

It is a constant battle for students from the community to create a supportive environment…
26 February 2024

Dead clothes, new identities

Queer feminist resource group Nazariya has called out to community members to donate old clothes…
19 February 2024

Upskilling initiatives spark hopes of employment, empowerment and acceptance

Several organisations working for the queer community have launched training programmes to help its members…
12 February 2024